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Understanding Triggers Brings Self Awareness

As you navigate the complexities of life, relationships and parenting, at some point you have been or will be triggered.

Emotional triggers happen when specific events, situations, words, or even actions evoke a strong emotional reaction in you. Your reaction is likely due to you sub consciously associating the present experience with past experiences, traumas, or deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs.

Being triggered can cause intense feelings of distress, anxiety, anger, sadness, or other emotions.When you get triggered it’s like you go from peace to deep discomfort or joy into turmoil.

Experiences that can cause you to feel triggered:

  • Traumatic Memories: An event or situation that reminds you of a traumatic experience from your past.

  • Abandonment or Rejection: If you experienced abandonment or rejection, you could be triggered by situations that evoke feelings of being left out, ignored, or unloved.

  • Criticism or Disapproval: If you experienced significant criticism or negative judgment in the past, even mild criticism or disapproval can cause you to feel triggered.

  • Betrayal: If you were betrayed, then situations that resemble betrayal can trigger those memories or feelings.

  • Conflict: If you experienced or witnessed intense conflicts in your past, like seeing people argue or fight when you were a child, you could be triggered by any situation involving conflict, confrontation, or arguments.

  • Unmet Needs: Situations that trigger memories of unmet emotional or physical needs, such as neglect, can evoke strong reactions.

Understanding how to navigate emotional triggers through techniques like mindfulness practices, breathwork, emotion coaching and journaling gives you a deeper self-awareness and emotional resilience.

If you struggle with being triggered and need help learning how to transform, let’s connect.

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