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The Parenting Odyssey Anthology: Trials, Treasures, & Triumphs of Parenting in a Pandemic

Co-Authored by  LaShonda Walker 
of Mom's Doing it Different Educational Blog.

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I believe in the power of storytelling and learning from other people's life experiences. That's why I'm so excited to announce I've partnered with Carol Muleta of The Parenting 411 and 14 other co-authors of an enlightening and empowering books series called, The Parenting Odyssey: Trials, Treasures and Triumhs of Parenting in a Pandemic


This book features heartfelt testimonies from parents around the world recounting the trials, transitions, and revelations they encountered as their families and communities contended with the emergence of COVID-19.


The Parenting Odyssey will encourage, inspire, and embolden readers just like you to reflect on their journey, take pride in the strength and resourcefulness they activated in this crisis, and summon the will to conquer any future threats to their families' way of life. 

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New Release


The Parenting Odyssey Anthology

When COVID-19 forced the world to reset in 2020, parents around the world were put to the test.  Come alongside us in this parenting journey as we shine a light on real trials, treasures, and triumphs. The stories are valuable. The lessons are priceless. 

Pick up a copy for your family, your friends, and yourself. Enjoy Free Shipping when you purchase before December 1st!

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LaShonda Walker

Co-Authored by

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Join the party! Sign up for our Virtual Book Launch, and meet all of the amazing co-authors of The Parenting Odyssey: Trials, Treasures, & Triumphs of Parenting in a Pandemic. Hang out Wednesday, December 1st, and Thursday, December 2nd, for a virtual celebration. (Meet a new group of authors each night.) The event is FREE! Click on a link below to register.

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December 1st, 2021, The Parenting Odessey Virtual Book Launch, 8 PM - 9 PM EST

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Best Seller

December 2nd, 2021, The Parenting Odessey Virtual Book Launch, 8 PM - 9 PM EST

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Author LaShonda Walker


I’m LaShonda Walker, and I’m a mom who is on a journey of releasing unhealthy traditions and ideas about raising children and embracing a more awakened, gentle, and informed approach to parenting.

Join me on this journey and learn how to create a new path for yourself and your family.

LaShonda Walker

Couple with Kids


Best Seller

LaShonda Walker

Co-Authored by


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