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Communication Skills Begin at Home

Updated: May 30, 2021

As the kids stood around my computer asking questions about their school work, our attention quickly shifted to the television that silently played images on the news from the U.S. Capitol.

This was not a movie where I could hit pause or press fast forward to skip the crazy parts, and I definitely wasn’t going to change the channel to shield them from the realities of what was happening.

This was going to really be School at Home. Since we were already working on a language arts assignment, I saw this as an opportunity to build their communication skills in a different way.

Communication skills begin at home, especially when you have to have hard conversations.

We spent the next hour watching the images and listening to commentary as the kids asked questions to understand what was happening.

The most interesting comment came from my oldest who curiously said, “Where’s all the police and gas? How come no one is being arrested like people were arrested this summer during the protests? This is crazy!”

Tough conversations about real life events give children an opportunity to express their feelings. It gives them an opportunity to ask questions and gain understanding. It’s an opportunity to empower them with knowledge.

Although they didn’t complete their original language arts assignment, they definitely learned new words, concepts and ideas to help them communicate their thoughts, feelings and perspective about real life events.

I will continue to empower them with appropriate communication skills at home so they will confidently use their voice outside the home.

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