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Helping moms redefine generational parenting methods to create authentic connection with their children by taking a conscious approach to parenting.


Empower Your Children to Dare Greatly

“Raising children who are hopeful and who have the courage to be vulnerable means stepping back and letting them experience disappointment, deal with conflict, learn how to assert themselves, and have the opportunity to fail. If we're always following our children into the arena, hushing the critics, and assuring their victory, they'll never learn that they have the ability to dare greatly on their own.” - Brené Brown

I read this multiple times and sat with it for a minute. During infancy and their early childhood phase I was constantly on guard to run interference so they wouldn’t get hurt.

As they get older, I realize I have to shift my perspective. I’m learning I don’t have to wipe every tear, calm every moment of anger, or save them from every challenge. Sometimes it’s hard because I don’t want them to feel pain or struggle. But, life is going to have pain and struggles.

Now, I slow down and assess each situation. I allow them time and space to figure it out. I ask questions. I provide options on things they can do. I let them know that I’m here with them through the process.

I want them to learn and know they have the power to Dare Greatly! 💜




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