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Welcome to Moms Doing It Different. A place for moms who are ready to move from frustration and discouragement to cooperation and connection with their children by taking a conscious approach to life and parenting.

I’m LaShonda Walker, and I’m a mom who is on a journey of releasing unhealthy traditions and ideas about raising children and embracing a more awakened, gentle, and informed approach to parenting.

Join me on this journey and learn how to create a new path for yourself and your family. As I learn, I love to share information, tips, ideas and resources to help other parents on their journey.


Throughout my journey I’ve embraced the phrase Do The Work. Not just the work of parenting, but the personal work of healing and growing in order to show up for myself, my children, my family and my community in a healthy way. 


The journey of parenting is life-long. My parents always said, “Every generation should do better than the one before it.” It’s my goal to build on the great things my ancestors have given me, while also doing the work to improve the life experiences of future generations.

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