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How Moms Can Ink Themselves and Disappear For Self-Care

Summer is coming to a close, and the rigorous demands of school, carpools, homework, and other activities for the kids is just around the corner. But, mom still has time to do something different to manage all the stresses of school life.

During Essence Fest former First Lady Michelle Obama talked about the importance of women putting themselves at the top of their priority list, and she encouraged women to begin having these conversations about the importance of putting ourselves first.

According to a 2019 Pew Research study most Americans say women face a lot of pressure to be involved mothers. Even in an era where women make up nearly half the U.S. workforce and men are more involved in housework and childcare than in the past, the public sees vastly different pressure points for women and men in today's society. Roughly eight-in-ten adults (77%) say women face a lot of pressure to be an involved parent; a significantly smaller share (56%) say the same about men.

Many moms struggle with balancing the demands of caring for their children and taking care of themselves. I have certainly been there, many times, and it took me some time to find things that worked for me. I have five strategies moms can use to begin putting themselves first to help them balance the pressures of motherhood.

  1. Ink Yourself - No, I don't mean go and get a tattoo (although some may see that as self-care). I mean, mark your time on the family calendar now before school starts. Doing this helps you set the pace for how you can show up for everyone else.

  2. Disappear - Some of you may be breathing a sigh of relief thinking someone is finally approving my idea to runaway. Disappearing doesn't always mean leaving the house. Sit in the car and listen to music, meditate, or just be quiet. These few moments of downtime allows you to recharge your battery.

  3. Tune Out / Unplug - Choose a time in the day when you can just unplug. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning. Don't look at your cell phone, don't turn on your laptop and don't turn on the television. After you wake up just sit in the silence of the morning and allow yourself to be still. You can also do this at night once everyone has gone to bed. Whichever time works best for you, use it.

  4. Get a FREE Fitness Trainer - Your health is your wealth and YouTube is your friend. There are a variety of fitness experts online. Whether you do chair yoga at your desk during your lunch break or a full-on cardio session at home. Find some time to invest in your health through fitness.

  5. Just say No - The reality is you can't do it all, and sometimes you just have to politely say - no. No is a complete sentence and saying no can be one of the bravest things you do for your self-care. If you have a hard time saying no, you can use a phrase like, "Thank you, but that doesn't align with my priorities right now." You have the power to control your life and schedule.

  6. Make this the best school year ever. Remember moms, you are important. When you are at your best, you can show up for your children as your best self.

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