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Helping moms redefine generational parenting methods to create authentic connection with their children by taking a conscious approach to parenting.


Are You Curious?

For the past few years I've been doing a lot of personal work to be a more conscious parent. My journey led me through a process that gave me practical tips, tools and resources that helped me heal and become a more conscious parent.

It was a deeply personal healing journey that led me to a powerful transformational model that helped me learn:

  • How to connect with my inner child.

  • How past experiences shape the way I react to present situations.

  • How to identify my triggers and work through them.

  • How fear was keeping me stuck.

  • How to connect to my emotions in order to help my children connect to theirs.

As I saw myself, and my relationships with my children, change I realized more parents need these tools to help them transform to become a more conscious parent.

These tools have been so deeply valuable to my life and parenting, I took a leap of aligned faith, became a certified life coach and launched A New Life Story Coaching.

When I shared the information with friends and family I received a lot of congratulatory responses, but my favorite response was - What made you do that?

I loved this response! They were curious, and curiosity is what led me to this work. It all started several years ago when I found myself with A LOT of conscious parenting tools and resources, but I realized that the one thing that was missing was a deeper understanding of MYSELF!

Then one day I got real with myself and said, “What is really going on with me?”. That’s it, that’s where the change and transformation began - being curious.

My curiosity led me to The Adult Chair® model and I began using the tools to get answers to my questions. One of my biggest discoveries was understanding how my past life experiences shaped my unconscious mind and those ‘under the surface’ thoughts deeply impacted my beliefs, emotions, behaviors and parenting.

As I started applying the tools, I began to see and experience so much change in my life that I knew other moms could be transformed as well. Today, I’m more conscious than I've ever been and it such an empowering space to be in.

Are you asking yourself questions about your own life like:

  • Why do I keep being triggered by that?

  • Why am I always so afraid?

  • Why do I feel so stuck in this area of life?

  • Why am I always trying to control things?

Stay curious, because curiosity leads to answers.

If you need help working through the answers, let’s connect.


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